27 07 2012

I am going to be gone next Wednesday, so I am pushing the Weigh In date to Friday, August 3, from 6:30 am to 9:30 am. If you cannot make it before work or by 9:30 am please let me know and we can work out a time for you to weigh.

This gives everyone two days longer to lose weight for the week.

So as to not make the next week really short, we will weigh in on Thursday and then the last week we will be on Wednesday again.

Weigh In schedules for the last three weeks are:

Friday, August 3, 6:30 am to 9:30 am

Thursday, August 9, 6:30 am to 9:30 am

Wednesday,  August 15, 6:30 am to 9:30 am   FINAL WEIGH IN! Prizes will be determined after this weigh in.

Thank you for being flexible! You are almost to the end of the SCTC BIGGEST LOSER 1st SEASON!



Is Your Brain Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

26 07 2012

Thoughts from Erin R. McClelland

Your brain often gets in the way once you begin to fall of track during a diet. What follows is a 4-step process to start your brain and body fitness regimen.


Think of transforming your body as a longer-duration project requiring a solid, realistic and effective work plan. Also consider that it’s about both internal and external rewards. You want your body to be healthy and well fueled on the inside so it shows on the outside. Sacrificing your health for quick weight loss is not healthy and it doesn’t stick. So make this process a commitment to healthy, not skinny. Remember your scale does not tell the whole story, for muscle weighs more than fat and water weight loss is not real weight loss.


Start with diets and workouts you have tried successfully in the past. Everyone’s body is completely unique and responds to food and exercise differently. Think about which approaches made you feel good, earned you success and were realistic to maintain. Remember which foods you gave up easily and which were deal-breakers. Think about when you typically exercise most often and most effectively. If you are one of those people who really have never found something that is effective for you, then it’s time to figure it out. Start by writing out your current diet (including snacks, drinks, condiments) and exercise regimen for one week. After you have recorded the week, calculate your mean calorie intake. Take your healthiest day (Kcal H), your unhealthiest day (Kcal U) and the one that seems smack dab in the middle (Kcal M). Calculate the calorie intake for each day, add them together and divide by 3. This gives you your average daily calorie intake.

Using the current week’s regimen as the starting point for your diet, make one or two positive changes in your diet per week, such as exchanging a junk food snack for some almonds, carrots or protein shake. Exchange a soda for water or decaf tea sweetened with honey or stevia. Make one or two changes in your exercise regimen per week.  The key is to start with what you are already comfortable with, and make slow steady changes each week.


Once you have determined a workout and diet plan that is effective for you, write out your current diet and fitness regimen for one week. This is a great exercise to do in real-time because it shows you all the extra calories that we tend to consume without realizing it (i.e. the office candy dish, those continental breakfasts at staff meetings and daily soda breaks). Once you have a good idea of what you are eating currently, write out your ideal eating plan. Remember the basic rules-in-use for a healthy diet:

1. Fruits, veggies, veggies and more veggies. Green, leafy, fresh and organic ones are the absolute best. If fresh is not an option, go for frozen. If organic isn’t available, try local.

2. Lean proteins are the best. If you are picking a meat, two legs are better than four. Four legged animals tend to have a higher fat content than two legged ones like chicken and turkey. (However bison, which is not an endangered species, is giving those feathered fellas a race in the lean department.)

3. The fewer chemicals you eat, the better you will feel. Processed diet products are often loaded with chemicals that can be toxic and make you feel horrible. Worse yet, they can cause your gut to enter a state of malabsorbtion in an effort to reduce your body’s toxic load. This results in less vitamins, minerals and antioxidants being absorbed from your food. It then can cause a starvation type reaction, creating cravings for high energy, low nutrient foods like sugars, salt and fats.

4. Keep sugar to a minimum. Sugar in light moderation is not your worst enemy, but it can definitely wreak havoc on a weight loss strategy when you eat too much. Sugar promotes insulin release, which causes you to store glucose. When you can, use natural no calorie sweeteners like stevia instead of processed and chemical sweeteners like Splenda and aspartame. Raw sugar and honey are also better alternatives than chemical sweeteners.


Start to swap current habits and foods with ones in the healthier version. Keep in mind you may never completely reach the ideal plan, but getting as close as you can gradually is the goal. Doing this process over a period of time allows for a few benefits that make it easier to maintain your healthier regimen in the long-term.

1. Gradual changes do not seem as abrupt and disruptive to your lifestyle. If you have been eating pizza once a week for the last four months, it may be too psychologically overwhelming to completely remove it from your diet. Feeling overwhelmed or generally deprived by the restrictions of your diet is the quickest road to failure.

2. Psychologists often say it takes about three good weeks for a behavior change to stick. So statistically, if you can keep up with moderate changes over three weeks, you can stay with them longer and reap more benefits.

3. Doing it slowly allows you to pick and choose what aspects of your diet are deal breakers. You can retain some of your comfort foods and favorites. These aspects help keep your brain focused and not feeling deprived or obsessed with all the goodies you’re missing.

Also, a cheat day to eat what you want can be a great way to maintain your sanity–just try to be sensible. This allows you those comfort foods when you really need them so the state of your mind doesn’t throw in the towel at the expense of your rear end. Remember you are a long-term project!

Results for this week and winner for weeks 9 10

25 07 2012

For this week weigh in:

Guys: Ken lost 3.3 lbs;  Mike S lost 2.7 Lbs;  Steve lost 2.4 lbs  – WAY TO GO GUYS!!!!

Gals:  Marilyn lost 2.7 lbs;  Denise lost 1.9 lbs;  Leti lost 1.1 lbs  – WAY TO GO GALS!!!!

Top Three Participants losing the most weight so far:

Guys:  Steve:  27.8 lbs!!                           Erik:  24.1 lbs!!                  Mike S:  21.3 lbs!!!

Gals:   Cindy – 17.2 lbs!!                           Denise – 15 lbs!!                 Leti – 10.3 lbs!!



Mike lost the most:  6.5 lbs over the two weeks!  Erik lost 5 and Ken lost 3.6!

Denise lost the most for the gals at 3.6 lbs over the two weeks! Leti lost 3.3 and Cindy lost 3.1!

MIKE S IS THE WINNER FOR WEEKS 9 & 10! CONGRATULATIONS MIKE!!!! You should be able to pick up your money tomorrow 🙂

Gals have lost a total of 68.7 lbs; guys have lost a total of 185.7 lbs bringing the grand total to 254.4 lbs lost!!!!!!

TOP THREE Percentage of weight loss:     Guys:  11.02 %, 9.86 % and 9.62 %                       Gals: 7.28%, 5.33% and 4.58%  You should know what your % of weight loss is so you should know where you stand!

ONLY THREE MORE WEIGH INS!!! Are you going to let the person who has the best % at this time win or are you going to give them a run for their money?

Week 10 Weigh In

23 07 2012

Week 10 WEIGH IN will be Wednesday, July 25  from 6:30 am to 11 am.

IF YOU CANNOT GET HERE DURING THAT TIME FRAME, please give me a call and special arrangements can be made.

ONLY FOUR MORE WEIGH-INS for this Biggest Loser Contest!

Watch for details on what’s to come after this SCTC BIGGEST LOSER CONTEST is over!!!!!

100 calorie burn

23 07 2012

I don’t know if any of you saw the 100 Calorie Burn in the HOPE Health Letter or not. Just in case you did not, here are some ways to burn at least 100 calories:

In 5 minutes:  Ride a stationary bike at a 20 mph pace; chop wood continuously

In 10 minutes: swim laps without stopping; jump rope continuously; play tennis

In 15 minutes: Tread water; lift weights continuously; walk uphill; paint a room; enjoy a short aerobics class

In 20 minutes: wash and wax your vehicle; walk briskly; take a leisurely bike ride; pick up trash along a highway

In 30 minutes: play the piano; slow dance continuously; play 10 games of pool, averaging 3 minutes per game

You can gain 10 pounds per year by eating an extra 100 calories daily. You can also shed 10 pounds by burning an additional 100 calories per day.


18 07 2012

We are on the home stretch of our Biggest Loser Contest. We will have another Biggest Loser Contest for another 12 weeks before we go into a maintenance plan.

If you have any ideas that you have not already given me for the next contest, please post them here or send me an email.



Results for Week 9

18 07 2012

Results for Week 9 Weigh In:

Roger lost the most weight this week :  5.5 lb!  Congratulations Roger!

Cindy lost the most weight for the gals:  3.8 lbs! Congratulations Cindy!

Guys overall percentage lost:  Steve 10.07%; Nate 9.26% and Erik at 9%.

Gals overall percentage lost:  Denise 6.36%, Cindy 5.55% and Kim AO at 4.43%.

The guys lost a total of 13.3 lbs this week and the gals lost a total of 6 lbs.