16 01 2013

We have a challenge for those who still want to lose weight.  Some of us are having trouble losing when we are not competing…so for the next two weeks we are competing to see who can lose the most weight.

What is in it for you? Satisfaction of losing and getting closer to your goal weight and beat your team members.

If you want to compete, let me know and I will keep a separate log for those competing so I can tell ya who loses the most.

Challenge begins TODAY and ends January 30, which is only 1 week from the end of our Maintenance Program.





5 responses

16 01 2013
Donna Posvar

Count me in !!!!



16 01 2013

Count me in too!

16 01 2013

I am in. I would like a little more incentive so we can get back to smack talking.

lets make a friendly wager among former fatties…say $1 to enter and winner takes all every two weeks? and if you want to seperate it between guys and gals…too bad. What say you?

16 01 2013

$1 to enter….then what? that wouldn’t be much for winner takes all, would it? What other fees you thinking? to make it worthwhile to winner takes all?

16 01 2013
Cindy Korkow

I’m in!

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