30 01 2013

Only 1 week left for the Biggest Loser Maintenance Program!

Final weigh in date is February 6, 2013. Since this is the last weigh in: You have to weigh in next week to be eligible for the money. If you are not going to be here Weds, you may weigh in Monday or Tuesday. You may not weigh in after Wednesday.

If you have maintained (are within 5 lbs of your weight at the beginning of the Maintenance Program), you will receive $100.

If you have lost at least 1 lb, you will receive $5 per pound lost from your weight at the beginning of the Maintenance Program plus $100 for maintaining.

All participants who have maintained and are within 5 lbs of their beginning Maintenance Weight will be entered into a drawing for the pot (the money people have had to pay in) after final weight is determined.

This will conclude our SCTC  Biggest Loser Program. Those of you who would still like to loose weight and be held accountable by weighing in each week, let me know. There will not be money incentives or a structured program, but if  it will help keep you motivated toward reaching your goal it is an option.

Good luck on the final week!

Money will be paid through the normal A/P run;  it will most likely be in the A/P run the week after the final weigh in. It will be given to you as soon as I have it.




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