Maintenance Weigh in Wednesday, January 16

15 01 2013

Hi All,

Maintenance weigh in is Wednesday, January 16,  same place, same time as your normal time and place.

Good Luck!


Maintenance Weigh in is January 9

7 01 2013

Hi All,

Maintenance weigh in is Wednesday, January 9,  same place, same time as your normal time and place.

Good Luck!

Next Maintenance Weigh In day will be January 2

19 12 2012

Yep, that’s right, we are skipping the December 26 weigh in day. If you want to weigh on December 26, you may, but you do not have to.

On January 2, all of you who normally weigh in with me, will need to weigh in with Cindy. I am scheduled out of the office beginning Jan 2 for a week. Please weigh in with Cindy as close to 8 as you can.

Good job everyone! Most of us continue to maintain within that 5 lb range.

Happy Holidays!

Resource to aid in living Healthy lifestyle

13 12 2012

There is a website ( which is very detailed and seems to be oriented toward helping a person generally have a very healthy lifestyle. There is a capability to personalize the site by creating a user profile. Give it a whirl and see if the site can assist you in your diet and in motivating you to be active.


12 12 2012

I have received two ideas on how to spend the money we collect from people who gain more than 5 lbs from their original maintenance weight.

1)    Names of each participant who is within 5 lbs of their original maintenance weight or who has lost weight from their original maintenance weight would be put into a drawing. One person would win whatever money has been collected throughout the maintenance program.

2)  We could go play Bingo here in town on a Tuesday night; use the cash for special bingo cards.

All of you on the maintenance program have the right to vote how we spend the money. Please either vote on here or send me an email or IM.

Thank you!


12 12 2012

Well…there are three of us who have consistently continued to lose a little during this maintenance phase. The rest of us, for the most part, have gained a little but are within our 5 lb maintenance weight.

For those of you who still want to lose, good luck during this season of birthdays and Christmas parties. I would like to continue losing, but at this moment in time, I am happy to maintain…at least until after Christmas.

Keep up the good work! I know it is hard, it is winter and time for warm soups, chili, cornbread and hot bread.  You can do it! You can continue to choose healthy options and maintain and even lose. I know you can 🙂

Happy Holidays!


Maintenance Weigh In is tomorrow, Wednesday, December 12, same place, same time as normal

11 12 2012

Hi All,

Maintenance weigh in is Wednesday, same place, same time as always.

Good Luck!

Send ideas of what we should do with the money we collect from the maintenance program. It may only be $15 or it may be alot! We will vote on the ideas. Last week there were none who had to pay! great job everyone!